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Created by Egbert L. Viele in 1865, the Sanitary and Topographical Map of the City and Island of New York (aka the Viele map), shows the pre-grid, natural state of the island, including some 500 hills, 88 miles of streams, 21 ponds and 300 springs.
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Sunday, March 6, 2011

Pawn Stars, Carlo Gambino & SGS Associates

Just a quick, fun post.  I was watching Pawn Stars and a guy walked in with a canceled check signed by Carlo Gambino from 1962.  It was from S.G.S. Associates, and you could see the address on the check: 141 East 44th Street.  So I Google Earthed it…The Fitzpatrick Grand Hotel.  I originally thought the flag out front was Italian--my bad,  it's the Irish flag.  Still, they're close (orange instead of a red stripe).

141 East 44th Street


  1. When was that converted into a hotel? Was that an office building before? Otherwise how could a corporation operate out of a hotel?

  2. I couldn't find out much online about the history of the building, so I called the hotel directly and you are exactly right. They informed me the hotel took over the space in 1998, and before that it was an office building. Thanks so much for reading!

  3. Nice post. I saw Pawn Stars as well. I'm working across the street from this building.

  4. Funny That there is another for sale for $2499.00. Rick got his for $500.00. See for yourself

  5. That's a great post and people may not be aware of this address fact and its original location. deals for cheap park and fly