The Viele Map

Created by Egbert L. Viele in 1865, the Sanitary and Topographical Map of the City and Island of New York (aka the Viele map), shows the pre-grid, natural state of the island, including some 500 hills, 88 miles of streams, 21 ponds and 300 springs.

Friday, November 26, 2010

WTC progress

Just a quick post and a few pictures to show the progress at the WTC site, the soon to be Reflecting Absence memorial in the footprints of the towers.  They tested the waterfalls a few weeks ago.

I haven't gotten choked up about September 11 in a long time, but the size of the memorial is staggering when you see it for the first time. It was difficult to view, but I guess it's supposed to be.

That's part of the footprint of the South Tower, I think that's a generator and lights being hoisted up.

The South Tower footprint/Reflecting Absence being born...

The view from the Winter Garden.  I've been at this spot maybe a dozen times since September 11 and for years the feeling was like you were looking at a construction site.  With the memorials in view now, the feeling here is starting to change.

The opposite direction of the above view....


  1. Wow...great pictures! Keep them coming!

  2. Beyond my expectations. Great work

  3. cool blog. next time i'm in the city, hopefully i can come out for a tour.

    -cousin tim